Gary Halbert’s Coat Of Arms Mail Ad

May 29, 20242 min read

Old-Time Classic Ads

Gary Halbert's
“Coat Of Arms” Direct Mail Ad

The Coat Of Arms Mail Order Ad From Gary Halbert

This direct mail copy is Gary Halbert's breakthrough in marketing. The "Coat-of-Arms" letter is often cited in marketing circles as the campaign that made him a substantial amount of money.

Plus, this copy helped Gary establish his reputation in the direct response marketing industry—as we all need some proof to back our chops.

The brilliance of this direct mail piece is the effective use of personalization, storytelling, social proof, and a compelling yet simple call to action.

This success marked the beginning of Halbert’s legendary career in copywriting and direct marketing, earning him the title "The Prince Of Print."

Halbert knew the power of ownership;
When something is yours—or feels like it should be—you crave it even more.

○ Especially in an era before the internet (when you couldn’t just Google a coat of arms in seconds), this information was golden.

○ Plus, in the USA, there were many 1st/2nd generation immigrants from the UK, Ireland, Spain, and Germany—countries with rich knight heritage.
Finding a knight-ish name in the Golden Pages and then doing some research, wasn’t a huge challenge.

The Copy's Key Takeaways

• Personal Touch

Personalization: The letter is addressed to "Mr. Macdonald," making it personal and engaging.

Storytelling: This copy shares a personal story about researching the Macdonald name for friends, creating a sense of authenticity and connection.

• Engagement and Curiosity

Opening Question: Like many successful ads, the letter starts with an intriguing question, sparking curiosity about the family name's history.

Historical Appeal: Mentioning the coat of arms made centuries ago adds intrigue (perhaps a dash of pride too) to Mr. Macdonald.

• A Unique Soft Offer

Exclusive Information: The letter offers unique, well-researched information that recipients can't easily get elsewhere and will be proud to hang on their walls.

Visual Appeal: The artist's drawing and parchment-like paper add to this no-salesy offer.

• Social Proof

Simple-Yet-Effective Testimonial: Halbert mentions that the report delighted their friends. Perhaps other Macdonalds will find it amazing too.

• Clear CTA

Easy Instructions: The letter clearly explains how to order the report and the costs involved.

Scarcity: The "supply is pretty slim" catchphrase creates urgency. After all, these reports weren’t made in bulk, but for a select few.

• P.S. Section
Who doesn't read P.S. sections?
The P.S. includes extra details about pricing and payment, reinforcing the call to action and making it easy for the reader to respond.

PS (See what I did here?)

The Gary Halbert Letter website is an amazing place to learn more about direct response copy, marketing, and even grow your mindset to become a better human being.

I find myself lucky enough to read Boron Letters in my early days as a solopreneur.

Hope Halbert's magic will add value to you too (I am sure it will).

Until next time, friend!

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