David Ogilvy's Guinness Guide to Oysters Ad

May 03, 20241 min read

Old-Time Classic Ads

David Ogilvy's
Guinness Guide to Oysters Ad

David Ogilvy's Timeless Guinness Guide to Oysters Ad

𖦹 Snackable Facts
Each oyster type gets a tasty tidbit of info—like little appetizers. Ogilvy serves up bite-sized stories that make you crave the feast's protagonist: Guinness.

𖦹 Taste The Tradition
These aren't just oysters; they're a trip through history and geography. Ogilvy knew the impact of a great story;

After all, flavor and tale go hand-in-hand.

𖦹 Product Pairing Perfection
Guinness isn't just another beer; it's the soulmate of oysters.
Ogilvy pairs them like a master chef pairs wine with a dish.

(By the way, Ogilvy actually worked in a professional cuisine, and attributes lots of his skills to working in this high-class team).

𖦹 Educational Angle
It's not an ad; it's a guide.
Ogilvy educates us, making us feel smart while selling us a drink.

Clever, right?

𖦹 Visuals That Hook
Each oyster is tied up like a precious gem.
The visuals alone tell a story of value, gusto, and care.

𖦹 Call To Action
This isn't a hard sell; it's an invitation to an exclusive club.

Want to join?
Ogilvy, you, and I, know we do.

𖦹 Closing With Class
It all comes down to taste.
Guinness isn't just a choice; it's an experience—a class act in a world of beers.

Bottom line: Ogilvy’s ad is a masterclass in blending education with seduction.
It’s not just selling beer; it’s offering a taste of sophistication.
And that's something we can all raise a glass to.

Cheers! 🦪🍺

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