David Ogilvy's “Hire This Man” Ad Breakdown

May 08, 20241 min read

Old-Time Classic Ads

David Ogilvy's “Hire This Man” Ad

David Ogilvy's Timeless “Hire This Man” Ad

𖦹 Head-Turner Headline
"Will Any Agency Hire This Man?"
Ogilvy makes you stop in your tracks.
Who is he? Why wouldn't they hire him? Why would they?

𖦹 Contrast To Capture
A 38-year-old dropout—cook, salesman, diplomat, farmer—but clueless about advertising?
Ogilvy flips the script, making curiosity peak.

𖦹 Bold Honesty
He admits to knowing nada about marketing. Zilch.
In a world selling perfection, Ogilvy sells the human story.

𖦹 The Hook With Hope
Despite his lack of ad chops, he landed a job.
And as we both know friend, everyone loves an underdog story.

𖦹 The Payoff
He's not just some guy.
He's Ogilvy, the ad legend. The definition of from zero to hero.
The twist? You're already hooked.

𖦹 Moral Of The Story
The payoff is a lesson. Bet on the unusual.
The maverick. The wildcard.
Because sometimes, the unorthodox choice is the jackpot.

𖦹 Personal Touch
Ogilvy isn't selling; he's telling his tale.
And that makes us lean in closer.

Ogilvy's ad feels like a rags-to-riches tale minus the drama.
The ad hooks us with raw honesty and the thrill of the unexpected.
It's not just an ad.
It's a masterclass in storytelling and a nudge to think differently.

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